Baby Boy Shower Cake

Last month was enjoyably crazy busy for me and I am a bit behind in updating new cake photos :-O you will see why in the next coming few posts 😉

A lot of happy news and a lot of celebration recently : ) Big big congratulations to Cecilia and Chris and their whole family on the new baby! We are all so happy and excited for them, especially the girls from work cant wait to meet and play with the little baby. Nandita and Farah have planned to welcome the little baby with a surprise baby shower, I was so honoured to make a shower cake for the very happy mommy-to-be Cecilia.

Cherie Kelly's Baby Boy Shower Cake

A very happy party with the girls from work 🙂

Cecilia reminded me the baby on the cake looks like Minna No Tabo 大口仔 from Hello Kitty’s company Sanrio ;-P

 Minna No Tabo 大口仔
Cherie Kelly's Baby Boy Shower Cake
We wish Cecilia all the best over the next few months with her pregnancy and hope they are both blessed with a happy and healthy new baby ❤

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