Engagement Party Dessert Table

Designing and making dessert table platters is so fun especially as there are several different elements, they look cute and pretty when they are put together. I was honoured to make this dessert table for my dear friend’s engagement party. With coconut pineapple cake, mini spring fruit tarts, pistachio and chocolate macarons, passionfruit gelee and strawberry mousse with coconut panna cotta mini dessert pods. 
The coconut pineapple cake was decorated with some swirly rustic frosting and sugar peony. I like the mini dessert pods in different coloured layers :). The mini tarts were with creme patissiere filling which was the best match with the spring fruits and tarts. The most popular macarons were the pistachio and chocolate flavours. 

 Congratulations to the sweet couples, I am so happy about their engagement xxx

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