Welcome Baby Home Cake

Rohit’s brother had a baby boy last Friday, his whole family was really looking forward to his arrival. Rohit was working from home on the baby’s birthday, waiting for the baby to be born and go to the hopital; I was talking to him online and got very excited as well (I felt like it was Rohit who was having a baby 😛 lol)

I asked if I could make the little baby a cake, Rohit said it would be good idea because there will be family and friends visiting, and any flavour will do. I had a very cute baby boy cake in mind! 😀 and decided to make a chocolate and banana cake with vanilla buttercream as I remember his brother and sister-in-law like the vanilla cupcake I gave them last time.

When I brought the cake to Rohit, he had showed me some pictures of the baby; he is extremely adorable and cute!! He is very good, sleeps a lot and doesn’t cry much, I would love to meet and play with him.

Rohit told me his family likes the cake very much and everyone had double servings : ) yay I am so happy about that. His dad was very funny, didn’t realize the cake was for the adults and thought the baby is too young to eat the cake 😛 . His family is really sweet and loving.

Congratulations again to the Khosla family on the little beautiful boy, wishing their whole family much joy and happiness with the arrival of the newest family member!!

Cherie Kelly's Welcome Baby Boy Cake

 It was a lot of fun to make this cake : )

Cherie Kelly's Welcome Baby Boy Cake

and my first time making a two-tiered cake..

Cherie Kelly's Welcome Baby Boy Cake

I have to thank Rohit and Amardeep helping to carry it home : )

Cherie Kelly's Welcome Baby Boy Cake

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